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President Rufus Shinra

Who: Rufus, Reno, Nin, Ken'ichi, Barret, Cloud, and Kadaj
Where: 'Abandoned' Shin-Ra Lab
When: Late afternoon
What: Rufus has a surprise
Warnings: Language and gore.

The black cars were sleek as they left the Shin-Ra building and wove their way through the grey streets that were partially hidden in a thin drizzle of rain. Lights shone in most windows, reflecting coldly off the blackened windows of the vehicles. The lights were on in most of Edge, only the worst of the slums where the wiring was the poorest remaining without power.

The cars broke away from each other as they passed the midpart of town. One headed for Fireland Industries, pulling into the garage to await its passengers out of the public's eye. Another did the same at the WRO, idling as its human cargo got in. When the ones they were there for were inside, they pulled out in a whisper of tire on road, heading for some unknown destination.

"I'm glad to see you have returned," Nin Fireland said quietly, his black suit matching the darkly overcast day. "I had nearly given you up for dead or vanished."

He didn't bother to look at Ken as he spoke, chin propped on one hand. A frown came to his face as the cars pulled to a stop before what looked like an empty field. In the middle of it stood Rufus Shinra, his white clothing shining in the gloom. The Shin-Ra President stood without an umbrella, droplets of water clinging to his blonde hair. He turned to face the men as the cars began letting out their passengers, waiting patiently, but there was something wrong about his eyes for those who knew him. A nervous energy was there, something wanting to jitter and shake with nerves that he refused to let out.

"Shall we?" he asked the group, gesturing to the bared ground.

"Shall we what, Rufus?" Nin asked, his bored expression firmly in place.

A thin smile came to Rufus' mouth as he waved what looked like a black credit card over the ground. The dirt itself dropped down and began to pull back, exposing a coffin-shaped hole. Metal stairs descended down into the darkness. A smell wafted up from down there, a scent that spoke of wet meat left rotting under a sun until it exploded open and churned with maggots. Rufus slid the card into one of his suit's inner pockets, drawing out a set of keys from which a tiny katana keychain swung, the poor light from the sky catching on enscribed Wutain characters on the scabbard.

It was the same keychain that Reno had seen in Rufus' nightstand when he'd searched Rufus' bedroom.
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