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Who: Reno and Elena
Where: Shin-Ra HQ - Medical
When: Late evening, few hours after this.
What: Elena plans to visit Reno with a bottle of red wine. And a surprise.
Warnings: Language...again. Just consider it a default warning whenever Reno's involved. DX;;; And possibly some sexual references. Because. Reno + person of the opposite sex. 'Nuff said.

After Tseng's departure, Reno had made a half-hearted attempt to go to sleep - and failed. Which was stupid because he was tired. The wounds had healed, thanks to Tseng's parting gift earlier this afternoon, but it didn't mean he felt up to running a marathon. The strange environment, though, and the continuous bustling of nurses and doctors didn't have him resting easy enough to drift off.

Damn Shin-Ra for instilling this kind of paranoia into him.

So he'd ended up doodling on the margins of the newspaper with a ballpoint pen, and by the time the sun was setting, he'd created enough stick figures to put a caveman to shame.

If nothing else, he could use the drawings as a conversation starter for when Elena came. Silence between them was rare - especially when alcohol was involved - but when it happened, it was damned awkward, to the point where Elena had gotten into the habit of bringing up Chocobos to break the ice.

He glanced at his watch. She was probably arriving any minute now, if his time estimate was correct.
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