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Monday, May 14th, 2007
8:32 am
Who: Tseng and Rude
Where: Tseng's office
When: Late afternoon (let me know if that has to be changed because of the timeline)
What: A meeting to discuss some newly recovered information on Rufus' activities.

Tseng begins to consider intravenous headache medicineCollapse )

((ooc - sorry! Shouldn't post w/ a headache))
Thursday, May 3rd, 2007
10:51 pm
Who: Rufus, Reno, Nin, Ken'ichi, Barret, Cloud, and Kadaj
Where: 'Abandoned' Shin-Ra Lab
When: Late afternoon
What: Rufus has a surprise
Warnings: Language and gore.

GreyCollapse )
Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007
6:32 pm
((I have no idea if the Turks/Tseng/Salem are still monitoring Rufus' personal accounts or not since they did sneak into his email earlier. If so, this exchange happened in the early morning hours after Rufus was released and escorted by a security detail upstairs to his office))

EmailsCollapse )
5:45 pm
News from the NewsChannel
Fireland Industries Announces New Hirings

Early this morning, Fireland Industries announced that it would be adding a hundred new jobs as well as expanding its security program to try to take up the slack that local authorities and WRO troops cannot cover. This does, of course require local as well as WRO approval before it can be put into place. So far, the Edge mayor is approving the plan although it needs to go through Reeve Tuesti, President of the WRO before any action can be taken.

Nin Fireland, head of Fireland Industries, was quoted as saying...

((The newsclip changes here to Nin Fireland in his office, speaking the the newscrew. He seems relaxed and at home, a boyish grin on his lips although that smile never reaches his coldly appraising eyes.))

"We've waited too long for Reeve Tuesti to step up and take care of the people of Edge. Even Shin-Ra Company with its resources has done nothing to help. Well, I suppose they can't even watch over their own President so how can we expect them to be of any help?"

((Small nervous laughs can be heard off-camera, most people having the common sense to not spit in Shin-Ra's eye even now.))

"Regardless, it's my hope that the WRO will approve this plan quickly so that my Draculs can begin training people to make up these Fireland funded groups to defend the city. We can't have just anyone, even this 'Sephiroth' person, charging in here and causing problems. Something has to be done, and if neither the WRO or Shin-Ra can step up, we will."

((The scene goes back to the newscaster.))

We'll bring you more on this story develops.
5:44 pm
The Edge Insider
All Your Newspaper Needs Here
28 Jan - Morning Edition

Goings-On Looked into at the WRO

It's said that the local watchdog group, Citizen Taking Stock (CTS) has been looking into things at the World Regenesis Organization. The biggest questions on most people's minds are what is being done about the threat that the return of the remnants (one calling itself Kadaj) as well as Sephiroth. So far, that question is going unanswered with real action at the WRO. This reporter would like to note that local hero, Cloud Strife, has been called back to the WRO and appears to be working with Reeve once more. It's a comfort to many of Edge who believe that only he can be a viable force against their terror.

Speaking of the remnants, they've been quiet these past few days beyond former-General Sephiroth's appearance in Edge the other day. The death count on that visit was limited to one, something local law enforcement officials are thankful for. They were quoted as saying that until they get more support and money from the WRO, there's little they can do.

Let's hope the President of the WRO decided to do his job sometime soon.

Meanwhile, in other WRO news, Barret Wallace was seen paying a visit to Shin-Ra Headquarters after Rufus Shinra and one of his badly wounded Turks were brought in for immediate medical attention. It makes one wonder if Mr Wallace was acting on Reeve Tuesti's part to mend fences with Shin-Ra or if it was a more personal call. If so, who was Wallace there to see? Since Security didn't toss Mr Wallace out, we have to assume it was a welcomed visit.
Saturday, April 28th, 2007
4:56 pm
Who: Reno and Elena
Where: Shin-Ra HQ - Medical
When: Late evening, few hours after this.
What: Elena plans to visit Reno with a bottle of red wine. And a surprise.
Warnings: Language...again. Just consider it a default warning whenever Reno's involved. DX;;; And possibly some sexual references. Because. Reno + person of the opposite sex. 'Nuff said.

By the time the sun was setting, he'd created enough stick figures to put a caveman to shame.Collapse )
Thursday, April 26th, 2007
10:51 pm
Who: Yazoo and Kadaj (Sephiroth is also welcome to join)
Where: Wouldn't you like to know~ (Somewhere outside of Edge, secret hideout)
When: Early evening
What: The remaining brothers lick their wounds and discuss their next course of action
Warnings: None, really.

Yazoo crouched by the pool of stagnant water, skipping stones and small pieces of broken concrete across the oily surface.Collapse )
Friday, April 27th, 2007
12:41 pm
Who: Cain and Rummy
Where: WRO's third floor
When: Early morning
What: Cain is snooping checking out the place and being caught by Rummy
Warnings: None for now

Where's the coffee maker in this building?Collapse )

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Thursday, April 26th, 2007
2:50 am
Who: Barret and Rufus
Where: Shin-Ra Medical Wing
When: Afternoonish?
What: Barret has got some frustrations to take out ;)
Warnings: Language most likely

read moreCollapse )
Wednesday, April 25th, 2007
9:52 pm
Locked to Draculs
It appears that we have lost Ken'ichi. Tarr, I need you to step up and take his place as the head of the Draculs. I want a check-in from all of you still alive. Be aware that the remnants and Sephiroth could be hunting us. I need to know who is still alive and who isn't.
9:46 pm
Locked to WRO and Shin-Ra Heads/Rummy/Turks
((In other words all the PCs except for Fireland people except Cain since he's WRO and the remnants/Sephiroth))

I'm pleased to hear that Rufus has returned.

This still leaves us the problem of Sephiroth. While we of the WRO may not get along with you of Shin-Ra, I'm sure you've all noticed by this point that we're being beaten into the ground by Nin Fireland and his crew. We need to work together or we're all going to fall.

Are you all willing? If you all are not, then we'll part ways, wish you the best, and hope we take down Fireland before he takes over the WRO and destroys Shin-Ra. If you are, we all could learn something from each other.
4:31 pm
Who: Tseng and Reno
Where: Shin-Ra HQ - Medical
When: Afternoon, following this.
What: Reno has a proposal to make.
Warnings: Some language.

***Neko - if you still need more time with Rufus, feel free to hold off until you're ready. :3

For some reason, the medical personnel were the only ones who never had a problem facing off with a Turk over regulations.Collapse )
Tuesday, April 24th, 2007
10:45 pm
The Edge Insider
All Your Newspaper Needs Here
27 Jan - Afternoon Edition

Shin-Ra Turk Elena Indicted in Sex Scandal!

We of the Edge Insider had a surprise interview with a former Shin-Ra Company employee who claims he heard the Turk known as Elena talking about a sex service that she and her sister used to run at Wall Market. Our unnamed source told us all about a secret meeting a Shin-Ra in which this 'Elena' went on about how much it was to rent a copy of any political or famous figure, including one who looked exactly like Rufus Shinra, President of Shin-Ra Company.

We hesitate to ask why this Elena would employ someone bearing such a strong resemblance to her so-called 'boss'. For those who don't remember, Elena was also the Turk accused of being drugged while she was supposed to be guarding President Shinra, resulting in his kidnapping.

More to come in our next edition!
Monday, April 23rd, 2007
2:47 pm
Who: at the least, Tseng and Rufus
Where: ShinRa headquarters
When: uhm, late morning? early afternoon?
What: Tseng girds his loins and heads off to Medical
Warnings: none yet

Definitely a mixed dayCollapse )

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Sunday, April 22nd, 2007
10:10 pm
For those of you who are unaware, I have a new assistant! Perhaps this one will stay more than a few days. Please everyone welcome Mr Kain Butler to the WRO.
6:03 pm
Who: Salem & Rude
Where: Salem's office.
When: Late afternoon/early evening? After this.
What: Going over what strange, strange things the president has been up to and other vaguely related matters.
Warnings: ... You'll see. Nothing yet, though.

For the first time, for the last time.Collapse )
5:33 pm
Locked to Turks (Hackable)
((This is hackable for the reason that Rufus is in pain from the first of minor withdrawl symptoms... yet another reason he's so snarly... and that he isn't on his own secure one.))

Reno, I should very much like to know exactly why it was that you didn't answer the summons the night I was kidnapped. I do remember Elena, but not you. Care to explain since your apartment is directly beneath mine?

Current Mood: annoyed
2:08 pm
Who: Lillian and Rude, and whoever else may show up
Where: Lobby of the Shin-Ra building
When: About 7:45 AM
What: Lillian looking for a briefing.
Warnings: None yet.

Saturday, April 21st, 2007
10:41 pm
Locked to Shin-Ra
Someone get me released from the medical wing.


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1:48 pm
News from the NewsChannel
President Shinra Found! War Waged in Downtown Edge!

Yesterday brought about a great deal of news, first and foremost being the sighting of the once General of Shin-Ra's military forces, Sephiroth.

((various shots of Sephiroth are shown, spanning his entire career in Shin-Ra. Quite a few are from the Wutain-Shinra War, showing his victories and the people screaming his name and waving banners.))

While the return of the remnants were met with fear, many consider this to be even worse. They have caused quite a bit of damage to Edge, not to mention a loss of life, but 'Sephiroth' is a name that still carries a good deal of terror.

((A few on the street interviews are shown, some saying the WRO needs to go kill Sephiroth with a few saying Cloud should. There's actually one or two that think Shin-Ra should get its military back and go take Sephiroth and the remnants on.))

Even more alarming is that another case of the Geostigma-like disease has been found in the slums of Edge. The victim was immediately quarantined and tests are being run. People have begun to fear a new outbreak of the dreaded disease that comes with the return of General Sephiroth.

As we reported briefly earlier, President Rufus Shinra was found once more, alive and according to Shin-Ra Company reports, well.

((Again the footage is shown of Tseng, Rude, Reno, and Elena engaging in battle with Sephiroth, Rufus barely able to be made out in his tatty clothing. He's mostly just being tugged or pushed about. That blood on Reno looks colour-enhanced bright red while a close-up is shown of Rude and Tseng's faces. The television crew had time to film but not help it seems.))

We will bring you more on all these stories as they develop!
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